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Teem on Windows


Using Teem:

On Windows all the teem libraries are built into one monolithic mega library, either as a DLL and an import library or as a static library that teem users can link against. The teem command-line utilities are also built together with these libraries.

You can download precompiled binaries including DLL and static builds. For the DLL version, you'll need to copy bin/teem.dll to where your binary is or somewhere within the Windows path, typically %SystemRoot%/system32. For the compression encodings and png support, you'll need to copy the provided libraries bin/z.dll, bin/bz2.dll, and bin/png.dll to the same directory in case you do not have them yet. The import libraries are located in lib/shared.

Note that the precompiled binaries are linked against the multithreaded DLL version of the Windows C runtime library MSVCRT.lib. This means that you have to link against the same library in your project by setting the appropriate compiler flag (/MD), which is unfortunately not the default setting in Visual Studio. Linking against a different version will result in unexpected crashes of your program.

When using the static version of teem, located in lib/static, you need to define TEEM_STATIC when you compile your source (-DTEEM_STATIC), otherwise your program will crash.

Building Teem:

  1. Download the teem distribution
  2. Untar it.
    Throughout this and all other teem documentation, the directory just created will be referred to as "teem", even though it will actually be called "teem-1.XblahN" or something similar.
  3. Go into this directory.
  4. Go into the win32/build directory.

Visual Studio 6.0 users

  1. Open the Visual Studio 6.0 workspace file teem.dsw.
  2. Select the configuration you want to build using the "Build" menu's "Set Active Configuration" item. You have two choices: Release and Debug.
  3. Select all projects by shift-clicking on them in the workspace file-view window.
  4. Right click on the selection and hit "Build" in the pop-up menu.

Visual Studio .NET users

  1. Open the Visual Studio 6.0 workspace file teem.dsw.
  2. Convert all project files to the .NET format.
  3. Select the configuration you want to build using the "Build" menu's "Configuration Manager" item. You have two choices: Release and Debug.
  4. In the solution explorer window right click on "Solution teem" and hit "Build Solution" in the pop-up menu.
The libraries and executables are compiled in the win32/lib and win32/bin subdirectories. To install them, you need to copy the DLL and the executables manually to a directory in the Windows path %PATH%. In this case, the import library teem.lib usually goes into one of the Visual Studio library directories, e.g. 'path to visual studio'\Vc98\lib. Likewise, the headers can be placed in one of the Visual Studio include directories.

To uninstall teem you have to delete the installed files manually.

The zlib, bzip2, and libpng libraries are also available in source form at,, and

No teem development is currently done on Windows. Using the Visual Studio files is simply the path-of-least-borg-resistance for distributing sources in a form that facilitates easy building on Windows.