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teem Some bins, of course
- pos2idx,idx2pos
- unu
- qbert
- overrgb
- ilk
- ungantry
- mrender
- vprobe
- gkms
- miter

Command-line tools

Anything useful in teem is implemented in one of the libraries. However, writing C/C++ code to use these libraries is not always very convenient. Therefore, teem comes with some simple command-line tools which provide fast and easy access the functionality in the various libraries. All of these programs are compiled from a single source file, usually very short (the unu program itself is only 90 lines long). They are built when you do a full build of teem. Most of the programs use hest for their command-line parsing.

Converting between index and "world" space, given the distinction between node-centered and cell-centered samples. Very boring, very fundamental.
unu Utah Nrrd Utilities
qbert Measures values, gradients, and second directional derivatives in a scalar volume, in order to generate a dataset that can be used by the Simian volume renderer.
overrgb Takes an RGBA nrrd and composites over a given background color, with gamma correction, to produce an 8-bit RGB image.
ilk Geometric transformations on images with filtered sampling.
ungantry For CT scans acquired with an angled image plane, this removes the "gantry tilt" by shearing the data back to a rectilinear grid.
mrender Volume rendering without shading or transfer functions. More interesting than you might think.
vprobe Produce a volume of measurements from a volume of data. Can produce a volume of gradient magnitudes, or gradient vectors, from a scalar volume input.
gkms The algorithms implemented for my Master's Thesis on the semi-automatic generation of transfer functions.
miter Volume rendering with shading and transfer functions.