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  ilk: Translations, Shear


Translations are also sensitive to how the boundaries are handled.
ilk -i init.ppm -t translate:180,130 -b wrap | tojpg > tlw.jpg


The shear specification takes an angle and a ratio. The angle is the direction along which the shear moves things; the line through the origin in this direction is the fixed point of the transformation. The ratio tells how much to slide things along this direction, as a function of distance from the fixed point. A ratio of 1 means that the shear produces a 45-degree angle.
ilk -i init.ppm -0 u:0.5,0.5 -t shear:0,1 -b pad | tojpg > shx.jpg
ilk -i init.ppm -0 u:0.5,0.5 -t shear:90,0.5 -b pad | tojpg > shy.jpg