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  ilk: Rotations with scaling

Rotations with scaling

By default, the behavior at the boundary is to "bleed", which means that values at the boundary are copied outward as needed. Other boundary behaviors are possible, demonstrate here with a rotation followed by a shrink. In order to simplify running ilk, we use a response file to store the common arguments.
echo "-i init.ppm -0 u:0.5,0.5 -t rotate:30 scale:0.6,0.6 -k cubic:1,0 " > rotscale.txt
ilk @rotscale.txt | tojpg > rsc1.jpg
ilk @rotscale.txt -b wrap | tojpg > rsc2.jpg
ilk @rotscale.txt -b pad | tojpg > rsc3.jpg
ilk @rotscale.txt -b pad -bg 255 128 128 | tojpg > rsc4.jpg