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  unu save

unu save: Write nrrd with specific format, encoding, or endianness. Use
"unu save -f pnm | xv -" to view PPM- or PGM-compatible nrrds on unix.

Usage: unu save -f <format> [-e <encoding>] [-en <endian>] [-i <nin>] \
       [-o <nout>]

  -f <format> = output file format. Possibilities include:
              o "nrrd": standard nrrd format
              o "pnm": PNM image; PPM for color, PGM for grayscale
              o "text": plain ASCII text for 1-D and 2-D data
-e <encoding> = output file format. Possibilities include:
              o "raw": raw encoding
              o "ascii": print data in ascii
              o "hex": two hex digits per byte
              o "gzip", "gz": gzip compressed raw data
              o "bzip2", "bz2": bzip2 compressed raw data
                The specifiers for compressions may be followed by a colon
                ":", followed by an optional digit giving compression "level"
                (for gzip) or "block size" (for bzip2). For gzip, this can be
                followed by an optional character for a compression strategy:
              o "d": default, Huffman with string match
              o "h": Huffman alone
              o "f": specialized for filtered data
                For example, "gz", "gz:9", "gz:9f" are all valid
 -en <endian> = Endianness of to save data out as; "little" for Intel and
                friends; "big" for everyone else. Defaults to endianness of
                this machine; default: "big"
     -i <nin> = input nrrd
    -o <nout> = output nrrd (string); default: "-"