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teem / unrrdu

  unu project

unu project: Collapse scanlines to scalars along some axis. The scanline is
reduced to a single scalar by "measuring" all the values in the scanline with
some measure. The output nrrd has dimension one less than input; the output
type depends on the measure.

Usage: unu project -a <axis> -m <measr> [-i <nin>] [-o <nout>]

 -a <axis> = axis to project along (int)
-m <measr> = How to "measure" a scanline. Possibilities include:
           o "min", "max", "mean", "median", "mode", "variance"
           o "SD": standard deviation
           o "product", "sum": product or sum of all values along
           o "L1", "L2", "Linf": different norms
           o "histo-min", "histo-max", "histo-mean", "histo-median",
             "histo-mode", "histo-product", "histo-sum", "histo-variance":
             same measures, but for when the scanlines are histograms of
             values, not the values themselves.
  -i <nin> = input nrrd
 -o <nout> = output nrrd (string); default: "-"