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  unu join

unu join: Connect slices and/or slabs into a bigger nrrd. Can stich images
into volumes, or tile images side by side, or attach images onto volumes.

Usage: unu join -i <nin0 ...> -a <axis> [-incr] [-o <nout>]

-i <nin0 ...> = everything to be joined together (1 or more nrrds)
    -a <axis> = axis to join along (int)
        -incr = in situations where the join axis is among the axes of the
                input nrrds, then this flag signifies that the join axis
                should be *inserted*, and the output dimension should be one
                greater than input dimension. Without this flag, the nrrds are
                joined side-by-side, along an existing axis.
    -o <nout> = output nrrd (string); default: "-"