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teem / unrrdu

  unu crop

unu crop: Crop along each axis to make a smaller nrrd

Usage: unu crop -min <pos0 ...> -max <pos0 ...> [-i <nin>] [-o <nout>]

-min <pos0 ...> = low corner of bounding box.
                o <int> gives 0-based index
                o M, M+<int>, M-<int> give index relative to the last
                  sample on the axis (M == #samples-1).
                  (1 or more positions)
-max <pos0 ...> = high corner of bounding box. Besides the specification
                  styles described above, there's also:
                o m+<int> give index relative to minimum.
                  (1 or more positions)
       -i <nin> = input nrrd
      -o <nout> = output nrrd (string); default: "-"