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  Demonstrations of using nrrd

While the various pages for the individual unu commands show the use of the commands in isolation (or relative isolation), the examples here are more like case studies. They show how a combination nrrd functions can be used to get some data processing task done.

Inspecting datasets
Shows how to create detached headers for the data at, and the uses both unu as well as the underlying nrrd API in order to make some projections of the datasets, to create a kind of visual gallery of the various datasets available there.
Basic 3D volume inspection with unu
Demonstrates practical usage of unu commands histo, dhisto, slice, and project to look at volume data.
Making a synthetic dataset
Shows how judicious use of unu allows you to create and inspect interesting synthetic datasets.
Making a cone
Another example of unu hacking to create a dataset completely from scratch.
Making a bunny
Sometimes, when it should be easy to put a set of CT slices together into a volume, there are annoying little problems, which can be handled with unu.
Making Visible Female CT Hands
Isolating the hands from the Visible Female, and "removing" the portions of the hip bones that are near her hands.
Making a Visible Male CT Head
There are various impediments to making a clean volume of the Visible Human male frozen CT head: glitches in the raw images, resolution changes, and floating bits in front of his face. Unu can deal with these.
Visible Female color data processing
Steps toward producing a clean and closely cropped volume from the color images.