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Volume Rendering Framework

Hoover is a minimalist library that facilitates the construction of simple multi-threaded ray-casting volume renderers. The multi-threading capability (which is optional) is from the pthread library. Basically, you tell hoover information about the camera, image, and volume, and then provide it with seven callback functions, implementing the behavior you want: After all has been set up, you call hooverRender() and let your callbacks do the work. Hoover is the basis of the simple pseudo-volume renderer mrender as well as the mite volume renderer. Mite, for instance, is basically just a different set of seven callbacks to plug into hoover. By itself, hoover doesn't actually know the first thing about volume rendering, it only knows enough geometry to shoot rays through a volume. Hoover is also not very flexible: there is no concept of reflection or shadow rays, and only a simplistic load-sharing scheme. However, it gets the job done, and is a useful framework for implementing a proof-of-concept volume renderer.

More information as time permits.