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Computer science graduate students should not be spending their time writing libraries for command-line parsing. I spent the time to write this because I couldn't find a simple C library with the features I was after: flagged and unflagged, variable and fixed arguments of many different types, with response files, and automatic generation of usage and option information. The primary motivation for this was to provide a consistent command-line interface for all the unrrdu tools. I can only hope that other people can find some use for this.

The current hest implementation has some characteristics which should probably be considered short-comings, but in the interests of time and simplicity I've decided to document them, rather than fix them. In order of decreasing importance:

Surely there are other short-comings, hopefully the hestParm argument to all the important functions will provide the avenue for increased future flexibility.

Like much of teem, hest has been purified to minimize the chance of memory leaks, which is important given how much dynamic memory allocation it does.